My favourite books💗

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in ages . ( the books arent in any particular order)comment below your favourite books

My top 3 books/ series :

1. The harry potter series

These books are AMAZING and the movies too👌🏻

2. The hunger games series

These and the harry potter books are definetely my two all time favourites😍

3. The start of me and you

This book is so good!!! I can’t wait for the sequel! If you’ve read girl online or any of the zoella book club books then you’ll love this!

Some other books I like:

Geek girl

Geek girl is a funny book. About a girl who becomes a model

Finding Audrey

The real rebecca, Rebecca’s rules, rebecca rocks and Rebecca is always right

These books are a funny diary series

And of course the girl online series! Exciting ,funny , romance etc

Bye for now ,





Bordeaux, France 🇫🇷 

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted a blog post in a while. In this post i’m going to share some pictures of when i went to Bordeaux last week 💗. I loved Bordeaux!The scenery was beautiful .There were so many nice shops👍🏻 – mac , lush , superdry..etc

If you go to Bordeaux you should definetely visit a vineyard ! You can take so many beautiful pictures there! 

This is a picture from the sand dune in Bordeaux – the largest one in Europe! 

Flower icecream😛

📍The water mirror📍this floor filled up with water and then fog .. it was so cool!

Some other things my family and I did:

•Water park

• bus tour

• went to chocolate shops

And more!

Also if you guys feel that I dont interact on your blog that much just dm me on instagram to like and comment and i will



Things to do in Marbella, Spain+ some pictures of Marbella

Hey guys 👋🏼! I just got home from Spain yesterday. I had a great time! My family and I stayed there for two weeks. I went shopping at La Canada shopping centre so I will probably do a haul video soon. It was so hot in Spain (30 degrees) . I went to Ronda and it was 36 degrees😳.

Qotp: Are you going/ have you been on holidays this summer?

  1.  Go to the beach- there are so many gorgeous beaches there.
  2. Visit old town
  3. Go to a water park- there are a lod to choose from such as aqualand torremolinos and mijas water park
  4. Restaurants – a really nice one is villa tibero it has a beautiful garden
  5. Shopping – la canada shopping centre has lots of great shops such as sephora and hollister
  6. Go to the port
  7.  Visit the rock of gibralter – you can get a cable car to it . There are lots of monkeys🙈.
  8. Visit the zoo 🦁🐼🐧

Songs I like atm// Summer playlist

Hey guys its Grace! I’m in Spain atm, so its great to have a playlist to listen to! 

Qotd: what is ur fave song atm?

Aotd: Power by little mix

  1. Power by little mix💗 – Its such a jam😜, i love it so much!
  2.  Stay by Zedd ft Alessia Cara – its lit 🔥
  3. One last time by Ariana Grande
  4. No more sad songs by little mix – its amazing💗
  5. Shape of you by Ed Sheeran- great 😍
  6. Chained to the rhythm by Katy Perry
  7. Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake – its great😂👍🏻 
  8. September song – Jc Cooper
  9. Malibu by Miley Cyrus
  10. That’s what I like by Bruno Mars

10 facts about me 🤗

Hey guys ,

Sorry I haven’t made a blog post in ages…write a fact about yourself in the comments 😋.


  1. My favourite tv show is neighbours 
  2. I love the harry potter books and movies 😍
  3. My favourite colour is pink 🎀💗🌸
  4. My favourite clothes brand is abercrombie 
  5. I play tennis , basketball and hockey.
  6. My birthday is the 21st of November
  7. I play the piano and the guitar
  8.  My favourite singer is Ariana Grande and my favourite band is Little mix 👌🏻
  9. I have a big collection of disney mugs 😂 ( I’m obsessed) and Ariel my favourite disneyprincess 
  10. I like to play minecraft and the sims 4

Warner bros Harry Potter studios 

Here are some pictures of Harry Potter studios🙃.

*⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ if you don’t want spoilers about what it looks like inside don’t scroll down!*

The entrance

This is before you go on the tour ( random pic😂)

The cupboard under the stairs🙂

The great hall.

( bad quality picture😬)

Ron and Harry’s beds.

Dumbledore’s pensinieve (don’t know how to spell it 😂)

The death eaters 

Dolores Umbridge’s outifts😡

Hogwarts express 🚂 

( terrible picture😂)

If you go there you HAVE to try the butterbeer or the butter beer icecream( the icecream is sooo nice)

The knight bus 🚌 

Potter cottage 😢

Models/wax figures

Rip John Hurt ( plays Ollivander) /*😭😢

Weasley wizard wheezes


thats all the photos I took.There was also green screens there where you could get pictures and videos  of yourself riding a broom.

I know all the photos I took are bad 😂.
Hp studios is great! I would definetely recommend going there , you can even watch the hp movies on the bus going there😂👍🏻.

Comment below what hogwarts house your in.. if you know..🙃

– Grace


Tips for a successful instagram

Hi guys , its Grace and i thought i’d tell you guys some tips for insta.

Tips for instagramWhen you post use hashtags related to the posts , so more people will see your posts

E.g if you were on holidays in America shopping you could use #america #shopping #blogger.

Interact with followers ~

1. Play games such as ” am i a fan” or “account rates”.

2.Do qotd-question of the day

So your followers will comment on your posts ..

Have a theme – use filters to make ur posts all similar colours.

Post at the right time –

Ask your followers what times they are most active at.

Qotd: fave colour 

Aotd: pink

Hope these tips helped 😄~